WordPress 2019-05-14 13:54:02

WordPress is a very popular CMS. It is great for writing blogs. And for a computer savy person, it would be easy enough for them to configure even though they may not be programmers.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, you are bound to find plugins, themes, and allot of programmers that can help you get your site looking and feeling how you want it.

The database footprint it has is small. It doesn't use many tables. It has a nice WYSIWYG editor and the interface would be easy to learn.

Though personally, I would use my own stuff, and more often than not would use CodeIgniter. Mainly because I'm a programmer, and I can code things how I want them and can make things run and operate more efficiently than say with WordPress. Having said that, using WordPress will also mean that you won't have to repeat allot of the code, such as User Authentiacation, editors, blog/content management. And with the plugin system with WordPress, a programmer can incorporate custom stuff anyway into the system and have it easily portable to other websites that are also running WordPress.

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